What to Wear? A First-Timer’s Guide to Ski Attire – Fun, Affordable, and Practical Picks!

Gearing up for your first skiing adventure is like embarking on a thrilling expedition into the snowy unknown. But hey, no worries if you’re feeling a tad overwhelmed, especially when it comes to figuring out what to wear. Fear not, fellow snow seeker! We’re here to whisk you away on a frosty fashion journey, separating the ski gear essentials from the snowflake-shaped gimmicks, all while keeping it fun, affordable, and totally practical!

Savvy Shopping:

Let’s kick things off with a little secret – you don’t need to break the bank to dress like a snow pro. While high-end brands might flaunt fancy features and eye-watering price tags, the truth is, affordable gems are hiding in plain sight. Think of your local supermarket, Amazon, or outlets like TK Maxx as treasure troves brimming with budget-friendly ski essentials. You’ll be amazed at the stylish steals waiting to be discovered!

Layer Up, Buttercup!:

Now, let’s talk layers – the secret sauce to staying cozy and carefree on the slopes. Picture this: a moisture-wicking base layer to keep you dry as a desert, an insulating mid-layer to lock in warmth like a bear in hibernation, and a waterproof shell to shield you from snowflakes as fluffy as cotton candy. Mix and match your layers like a snow style maestro, and voilà – you’re ready to conquer the mountain in style!

Headwear Havens:

Next stop – headwear haven! Protecting your noggin is non-negotiable, and most ski rental companies will throw in a helmet for a few quid extra.  For apres style, grab a funky beanie or a cheeky balaclava to keep your dome cozy and chic. Don’t forget to shield those peepers with UV-blocking goggles – because squinting in the snow is so last season!

Gloves Galore:

Hands up if you’re ready to give frostbite the cold shoulder! Snag yourself a pair of waterproof and insulated gloves or mittens to keep those digits toasty as a marshmallow by the campfire. Whether you’re flipping tricks or making snow angels, these hand-warmers will be your trusty sidekicks all day long.  Sometimes it’s better to have a couple of pairs of cheaper gloves you can switch out when they’re wet, rather than splurging on one fancy pair.

Accessorize, Baby!

Last but not least, let’s add a sprinkle of pizzazz with some slope-worthy accessories. Wrap yourself in a snuggly neck gaiter, pop some hand warmers in your pockets, and sling on a backpack for all your snowy essentials. Who said practicality couldn’t be playful?

Eco-Chic Skiing:

But wait, there’s more to the snow story! If you’re all about staying ahead of the curve while treading lightly on the planet, why not dip your toes into the world of eco-chic skiing? Picture this: renting the latest high-tech ski clothing from companies like Blanqo or By Rotation. Not only is it budget-friendly, but it’s also a green dream come true. Say hello to sustainable style that’s as kind to your wallet as it is to Mother Earth. So, whether you’re carving up the slopes or sipping cocoa by the fire, you can feel good knowing you’re making a stylish statement while leaving a smaller footprint in the snow. 


Armed with this fun, affordable, and practical guide to ski attire, you’re ready to hit the slopes like a seasoned snow pro – without breaking the bank or sacrificing style. So, grab your gear, channel your inner snow bunny, and get ready for the adventure of a lifetime. Remember, it’s not about the price tag – it’s about the thrill of the chill!





Half way between the main ski resorts Grimentz and St Luc the small sleepy rustic town of Ayer offers a great base for those with an eye to explore.

Armed with a car you can visit a different resort every day.

We have a catered chalet, available as a whole or by the room and two self cater chalets, one for up to 10 and the other for up to four.

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Non-skiing activities


St Luc - Chandolin


St Luc and Chandolin are a pair of small resorts located high above the Val d’Anniviers floor, the small windy road opens up these quality high altitude gems offering beautiful views and seriously good skiing. We have some very stylish hotels in these villages. 

Together they are the sunniest resorts in Val d’Anniviers. The villages are at altitude and combine the rickety rural charm of the area with a grand Victorian vibe, from the early grand tour hotels built here. The views from the top are breathtaking and there is plenty of skiing here. The best slopes are accessible only by surface lifts. Of particular note is the long red from Bella Tola at 3026 down to the fabulous bar Le Prilet, a fine way to end the day.



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Grimentz - Zinal


Picturesque and charming mountain villages, uncrowded slopes and oodles of local charm make this ‘end of the road’ cluster a true hidden gem.

The Jewels centre around the Val D’Anniviers valley, which culminates in Zinal where 3 glaciers meet in spectacular fashion, beyond this lie the views and the mountains that make up the crown. The skiing in this area is excellent, varied and at altitude snow sure. The resorts remain small and slightly disjointed due to the natural geography of the area. This in turn keeps the crowds away and so the villages have kept their charm, the slopes are less skied out and you are in a perfect place for whatever holiday you are after.

Those in the know rate the snow quality in these resorts as second to none in Switzerland. These are the true hidden gems of Swiss skiing.

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