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Why your travel matters

Your adventure begins with your travel, and whether you prefer rail or road, there are many ways to travel to our hidden gem resorts. While we don’t offer travel packages, you can avoid airport queues, discover local attractions, and even help reduce your carbon emissions by using one of our recommended travel options below.

Swiss rail

Thinking about going skiing in Switzerland? We think that hopping onboard a train should be one of your choices.  First off, it’s all about convenience. The Swiss train system is like your trusty old friend – always on time, super efficient, and comfy as your favorite cozy sweater. Say goodbye to traffic jams, snowy roads, and tire chain nightmares. Instead, picture yourself sipping hot cocoa, gazing at stunning alpine views as the train zips you to your snowy wonderland.

But here’s the kicker: it’s not just convenient, it’s also eco-friendly. The Swiss trains run on clean, electric power, making them as green as the valleys you’ll be skiing in. You’ll be reducing your carbon footprint, helping Mother Earth, and, best of all, you won’t have to stress about parking. So, if you’re all about an easy and Earth-friendly way to hit those Swiss slopes, the train is your golden ticket to an unforgettable snowy adventure!

Tour vans

Why not dump the ordinary and look after the planet? Let’s avoid the airport queues and hassle.

Instead, jump in the van and make the journey part of the adventure. These splitter vans are used the rest of the year to drive rock bands and all of their kit around Europe. The ideal add-on to your ski trip. Have a base on wheels, and then travel a cluster at your own pace. Collect from our Oxford, East London or London Heathrow sites or have the vehicle delivered and collected. Insured for self drive on a normal driving licence.

We have teamed up with “Vans for Bands” as the rock music tour circuit is slower in the winter, so there are plenty of unused vans available. These have all been designed to ensure that the musicians can fit in the front in comfort and carry all their kit in the back; exactly what we need.

Car rentals

If you’re yearning for the freedom to explore the stunning mountains at your own pace, renting a car and hitting the open road is the way to go. Imagine having the flexibility to chase those hidden gems, picturesque mountain villages, and those slopes less traveled. With a car at your disposal, you’re the captain of your snow-covered ship, charting a course through the breathtaking landscapes of the Alps.

But that’s not all – let’s talk about convenience. Having a car means you can bring all your gear, ensuring you’ve got that trusty pair of gloves or your favorite après-ski snacks right at hand. No need to worry about lugging everything around on public transportation. Plus, the thrill of the open road is an adventure in itself. So, if you’re all about freedom, flexibility, and chasing the road less traveled while skiing in the Alps, renting a car is your ticket to an epic alpine experience!

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Half way between the main ski resorts Grimentz and St Luc the small sleepy rustic town of Ayer offers a great base for those with an eye to explore.

Armed with a car you can visit a different resort every day.

We have a catered chalet, available as a whole or by the room and two self cater chalets, one for up to 10 and the other for up to four.

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St Luc - Chandolin


St Luc and Chandolin are a pair of small resorts located high above the Val d’Anniviers floor, the small windy road opens up these quality high altitude gems offering beautiful views and seriously good skiing. We have some very stylish hotels in these villages. 

Together they are the sunniest resorts in Val d’Anniviers. The villages are at altitude and combine the rickety rural charm of the area with a grand Victorian vibe, from the early grand tour hotels built here. The views from the top are breathtaking and there is plenty of skiing here. The best slopes are accessible only by surface lifts. Of particular note is the long red from Bella Tola at 3026 down to the fabulous bar Le Prilet, a fine way to end the day.



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Grimentz - Zinal


Picturesque and charming mountain villages, uncrowded slopes and oodles of local charm make this ‘end of the road’ cluster a true hidden gem.

The Jewels centre around the Val D’Anniviers valley, which culminates in Zinal where 3 glaciers meet in spectacular fashion, beyond this lie the views and the mountains that make up the crown. The skiing in this area is excellent, varied and at altitude snow sure. The resorts remain small and slightly disjointed due to the natural geography of the area. This in turn keeps the crowds away and so the villages have kept their charm, the slopes are less skied out and you are in a perfect place for whatever holiday you are after.

Those in the know rate the snow quality in these resorts as second to none in Switzerland. These are the true hidden gems of Swiss skiing.

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