Secreto Royale

This cluster in the Spanish Pyrenees has the reputation as a top-class resort with the locals. Around Baqueira and the base of the slopes there is a sprinkling of glamour. The après drinks of choice being Moet and Aperol Spritz. It is after all the favourite of the Spanish royal family and where Christian Ronaldo has a hotel. The slopes are snow sure and varied. It’s the cuisine that is the real standout here.

The tastefully purpose-built resort works well. The locals chose to stay in the fascinating town of Vielha where the food culture is king and there are genuine local traditions and histories. This is a place where Basque, Catalan, Spanish, French and Italian cultures combine. The result is a lively and well-priced food and wine scene. The extra journey in the morning is rewarded with unique evening experiences.

Developed by Luis Arias, a Spanish National Ski Champion, Baqueira first opened in 1964 and is a favourite with the Spanish Royal family who regularly holiday here. Its location provides a unique Atlantic climate guaranteeing high quality snow, just the right amount of sunshine and, due to its southerly latitude, an hour’s more daylight than the Alps.


The Baqueira-Beret Resort offers an extensive network of blue pistes for beginners to advance their skills, while also featuring abundant steep terrain with expansive views of undeveloped mountains. Anticipate longer, exhilarating days of skiing in this remarkable setting.

Boi Taull

Boi Taull is a picturesque ski area renowned for its stunning scenery and well-maintained slopes. With runs for all skill levels and proximity to the Aigüestortes i Estany de Sant Maurici National Park, it’s an ideal destination for winter sports enthusiasts seeking both great skiing and natural beauty.


Vielha is the hub of the valley, with its stunning architecture and unique layout, there is plenty to explore along the main road that runs towards the Baqueira Beret resort. Mountains tower above you on all sides, giving the sense that you are nestled into the hill. Stay here to be close to the local food and wine offerings.


Arties is the oldest village in the valley, and you pass it on your journey between Vielha to the slopes at Baquiera. The village mixes recent restorations with plenty of 13th century architecture, creating a stunning and unique mix of modern and traditional as you walk through its streets.


Smaller still is the village of Salardu. While it is the closest village of note to the resort of Baqueira-Beret, it is filled with more traditional stone-built buildings and architecture echoed through the valley. Older still than the Santa Maria D’arties is the 12th century church you can find here, with its recently restored tapestries. 

What makes Secreto Royale Unique?

Tapas, food & Aperol spritz

Away from the cool of the nordic ski scene or the wrap up warmth of the alpine lies the glitzy glamorous Pyrannees sunshine feeling. Aperol spritz, Jamon and tapas. The vibe is very different and great fun in its own way.

Longer sunshine hours

Skiing further south does give you a long skiing day with generally great visibility. Its just another way that this area gives you more bang for your buck

Massive views from quiet wide open slopes

Often in the Alps you are in one of a number of ski resorts, your views tend to be across to other mountains with ski infrastructure. Not here, you seem to look over vast layers of hills not covered by other resorts, it leads to a top of the world feel that is rather special.


Located across the cluster, apartments give you the flexibility to choose where you would like to be based; from the centre of town to somewhere more remote. Our hand-picked apartments are a great solution for individuals or groups.


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Often associated with the Alpine region, traditional chalets are recognised for their sloping roofs and wide, overhanging eaves. More spacious than a hotel, a chalet provides great accommodation for small groups looking for a scenic hideaway. With in-depth local knowledge, our team can help you choose your perfect chalet for your next adventure.


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From simple stays to luxury accommodation, hotels provide a diverse range of options to choose from. Whether you’re looking for bed and breakfast or all-inclusive, we can find you the perfect hotel for your break.


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Grimentz - Zinal


Picturesque and charming mountain villages, uncrowded slopes and oodles of local charm make this ‘end of the road’ cluster a true hidden gem.

The Jewels centre around the Val D’Anniviers valley, which culminates in Zinal where 3 glaciers meet in spectacular fashion, beyond this lie the views and the mountains that make up the crown. The skiing in this area is excellent, varied and at altitude snow sure. The resorts remain small and slightly disjointed due to the natural geography of the area. This in turn keeps the crowds away and so the villages have kept their charm, the slopes are less skied out and you are in a perfect place for whatever holiday you are after.

Those in the know rate the snow quality in these resorts as second to none in Switzerland. These are the true hidden gems of Swiss skiing.

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Half way between the main ski resorts Grimentz and St Luc the small sleepy rustic town of Ayer offers a great base for those with an eye to explore.

Armed with a car you can visit a different resort every day.

We have a catered chalet, available as a whole or by the room and two self cater chalets, one for up to 10 and the other for up to four.

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St Luc - Chandolin


St Luc and Chandolin are a pair of small resorts located high above the Val d’Anniviers floor, the small windy road opens up these quality high altitude gems offering beautiful views and seriously good skiing. We have some very stylish hotels in these villages. 

Together they are the sunniest resorts in Val d’Anniviers. The villages are at altitude and combine the rickety rural charm of the area with a grand Victorian vibe, from the early grand tour hotels built here. The views from the top are breathtaking and there is plenty of skiing here. The best slopes are accessible only by surface lifts. Of particular note is the long red from Bella Tola at 3026 down to the fabulous bar Le Prilet, a fine way to end the day.



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