Family Friendly

Sainte Foy Tarentaise stands out as an ideal ski destination for families with small children. The car-free village centre creates a safe and peaceful environment for families to stroll. Its compact and walkable size ensures convenience, making it easy to navigate with little ones. The added perk of free lift passes for children under eight […]

New Experiences

Embarking on your skiing journey is incredibly thrilling, and we’re here to help you navigate it smoothly, steering clear of common pitfalls. Our friendly advice aims to not only save you money but also guarantee a fantastic experience that will keep you eager for more. Allow us to point you towards some of our top […]

Will’s Swiss and Italian Ski Adventure: A Road Trip to Remember

Will had an adventurous plan in mind for his road trip with a close friend – an electric vehicle adventure that would revolve around skiing and savoring great meals. They were determined to see skiing through a fresh perspective, one that deviated from the standard chalet week. Their journey took place in Spring 2023, a […]

Gary and Yvie’s St Foy Adventure: A Journey of Confidence and Joy

Gary and Yvie embarked on a special journey, seeking to rebuild their confidence on the slopes following a previous ski injury that had left them both apprehensive. Their choice of St Foy for this adventure was well-founded, as this charming ski destination is known for its friendly atmosphere, excellent instructors, and its easy-to-navigate small resort […]

Zoe’s Uni Group’s Alpine Reunion

Zoe and her university friends were long overdue for a reunion after the pandemic had kept them apart, and they hadn’t skied together in over a decade. With varying levels of skiing ability and a shared love for the slopes, they chose the picturesque village of Grimentz, nestled within the Jewels of the Imperial Crown […]

Ron’s Athlete’s Tour

Ron had an adventurous plan in mind for his lad’s tour that went beyond the standard offerings. It had to be during half term to accommodate a school teacher in the group, and also avoid the crowds. The team were seasoned skiers and were seeking something different from the typical skiing experience. Their destination of […]

Top 5 tips for skiing with kids the ‘Hidden’ way

Skiing with kids (especially total beginners) can be a daunting prospect, but Hidden Mountain Ski is here with our top five tips to ensure that your little one’s first foray onto the slopes is the start of a lifetime love-affair with the sport and not a flop.  When planning a family ski vacation, it’s tempting […]

Top 5 Tips for Skiing in a Group

Skiing in a group can be a lot of fun, but it also requires some coordination and consideration to ensure everyone has a great experience. Skiing in smaller resorts helps make the group ski experience more coherent and less stressful. Here are the top 5 tips for skiing in a group: Before hitting the slopes, […]

Is Ski-In / Ski-Out all its cracked up to be?

You step out the door of your quaint wooden chalet, take a deep breath of that pure, crisp mountain air, click into your skis and chus onto the perfectly groomed corduroy to begin your day of piste bashing, vin chaud and endless mountain views.  Then sliding gracefully back to the chalet for afternoon tea before […]



Half way between the main ski resorts Grimentz and St Luc the small sleepy rustic town of Ayer offers a great base for those with an eye to explore.

Armed with a car you can visit a different resort every day.

We have a catered chalet, available as a whole or by the room and two self cater chalets, one for up to 10 and the other for up to four.

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St Luc - Chandolin


St Luc and Chandolin are a pair of small resorts located high above the Val d’Anniviers floor, the small windy road opens up these quality high altitude gems offering beautiful views and seriously good skiing. We have some very stylish hotels in these villages. 

Together they are the sunniest resorts in Val d’Anniviers. The villages are at altitude and combine the rickety rural charm of the area with a grand Victorian vibe, from the early grand tour hotels built here. The views from the top are breathtaking and there is plenty of skiing here. The best slopes are accessible only by surface lifts. Of particular note is the long red from Bella Tola at 3026 down to the fabulous bar Le Prilet, a fine way to end the day.



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Grimentz - Zinal


Picturesque and charming mountain villages, uncrowded slopes and oodles of local charm make this ‘end of the road’ cluster a true hidden gem.

The Jewels centre around the Val D’Anniviers valley, which culminates in Zinal where 3 glaciers meet in spectacular fashion, beyond this lie the views and the mountains that make up the crown. The skiing in this area is excellent, varied and at altitude snow sure. The resorts remain small and slightly disjointed due to the natural geography of the area. This in turn keeps the crowds away and so the villages have kept their charm, the slopes are less skied out and you are in a perfect place for whatever holiday you are after.

Those in the know rate the snow quality in these resorts as second to none in Switzerland. These are the true hidden gems of Swiss skiing.

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